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In order to effectively carry out market development and promotion, Wanxia will provide you with a broad space for development. Wanxia invites you to settle down in good faith. For the partners in our company, we will provide relevant technical training and training materials.


1. Legal business qualification: have all kinds of certificates and licenses required for normal business, such as business license, tax registration certificate, etc;

2. Having places, facilities, sales and service personnel necessary for scale operation;

3. Good business reputation and determination to participate in the operation in person;

4. We should actively maintain the good reputation of "Wanxia" brand;

5. Identify and strive to implement the relevant market management policies and regulations of our company.


The supporting products of the company are as follows:


Iron and steel treatment agents are: Ceramic agents, phosphating agents, degreasing agents;

Copper processing agents are: brightening and polishing agent series, environmental neutral cleaning series, fixing agent series;

Aluminum and aluminum alloy treatment agents are: degreasing cleaning agent series, environmental protection passivation agent series;

Stainless steel and other metals: environmental cleaning agent series, environmental passivation agent series;

In order to meet the market demand, the company will truly carry forward the spirit of "professional manufacturing and intimate service" of our company, and sincerely invite people with dreams at home and abroad to cooperate. As long as you have a sincere enterprising and service attitude. Our company helps you achieve your dream!


Five advantages to help start a business!


1、 The company cooperates with you to win, and has sales technology and production team to escort your transformation;

2、 30 years focus on the production, sales and R & D of metal pretreatment agent;

3、 Products from copper treatment agents, steel treatment agents to aluminum and aluminum alloy treatment agents and other one-stop supply;

4、 Support the design of customer field production line;

5、 The company can cultivate your technical service ability;


There are two modes of cooperation between you and our company for reference:


Mode 1: you are responsible for selling products of Foshan Wanxia company, and the company is responsible for providing products and services. Commission calculation method: 40% of sales

Assuming the annual sales volume is 1 million, your income is: 1 million * 40% = 400000


Mode 2: you are responsible for sales, service and other expenses. Wanxia company only provides products. You pay cash to purchase products at the base price of Wanxia company, and the sales price is determined by you.

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