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Recruitment post Number Add Wages Time
Quality Engineer 1 person Shunde, Foshan 5000-8000 2019.03
Salesman 2 person Shunde, Foshan Base salary + commission 2019.03
R & D Engineer 1 person Shunde, Foshan 5000-8000 2019.03
Cashier 1 person Shunde, Foshan 3500-4000 2019.03


Role: Quality Engineer              


1. Major in Applied Chemistry and analytical chemistry, bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years working experience in the same industry;
2. Experience in chemical instrument and laboratory management;
3. Be familiar with quality management system and standards;
4. Be able to independently establish corresponding testing standards and be proficient in operating testing equipment and measuring tools.
5. Rigorous, responsible, good communication and coordination ability and team spirit.
Job requirements:
1. Establishment and improvement of quality operation system;
2. Formulation of inspection standards;
3. Overall arrangement of department work;
4. Organize meetings to discuss solutions and corrective and preventive measures for difficult problems;
5. Be responsible for sorting and archiving the experimental data;
6. Review the inspection results;
7. Be responsible for the technical training of quality personnel, development personnel and technicians.


Position: Salesman

Number of recruiters: 2         Recruitment target: full time           Working experience: more than 1 year  
Salary range: 3000-8000 (the salary structure of this position is: base salary + commission + related subsidies)    

Job description:

1. Unlimited gender, more than 1 year working experience in advertising sales, resin sales experience is preferred;
2. Have certain sales skills, be hardworking, have strong desire for success and full of passion and confidence in sales;
3. Good image and temperament, good affinity, good communication skills, strong oral expression ability, able to establish relationships with customers;
4. Strong ability of independent work and pressure resistance, courage to face challenges, confidence to challenge high salary.


Role: R & D Engineer

Number of recruiters: 1          Recruitment target: full time           

Salary range: 5000-8000     Place of work: Shunde

1. Male and female, bachelor degree or above, major in Applied Chemistry or analytical chemistry;      
2. Complete the R & D projects established by the R & D director;
3. Have experience in R & D and quality management of metal surface treatment (oil removal, rust removal, ceramics, etc.), preferred;    
4. Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered.
1. Grasp the industry trends in time, find out new processing technology and timely corresponding products and samples;
2. Respond to the new chemical raw materials in the market and screen new raw materials to improve the performance of the company's products;
3. Develop new products according to the company and market trends;
4. Improve and optimize the existing products according to the requirements of the company;
5. Improvement of R & D test model and product test model;
6. Follow up the on-site application of new products, cooperate with the development department and marketing department to solve the abnormal quality problems of customers;
7. Product classification


Working hours: 8:00-12:00 13:30-17:30, single day off (weekday)
Address: Lunjiao town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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addAdd:Lunjiao Xiashi Industrial Zone,Shunde,Foshan,guangdong,china(528308)


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