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With the goal of creating a team organization of "integrity, integrity, positive and innovation", our company not only provides competitive salary treatment for all kinds of high-quality talents, but also introduces the following employee welfare treatment standards to improve the work efficiency and logistical support of employees, including:


Subsidy (allowance): working age allowance, high temperature allowance, education allowance, business trip allowance, resident allowance, driver's license allowance and living allowance;

Welfare: social insurance, accident insurance, holiday welfare, accommodation welfare, house purchase loan, birthday welfare, health insurance and other welfare.




1. Seniority allowance: for all employees who have worked continuously for one year or more, the seniority allowance will be increased by 100 yuan / month for each additional year of seniority, without ceiling. (in addition to retirement)

2. High temperature subsidy: 150 yuan / month from June to October

3. Education Subsidy: for kindergartens with legal children born by two employees after three years of employment in Foshan: 300 yuan / child, 200 yuan / child from primary school to junior high school; half for single employee;

4. Travel allowance: 40 yuan / day;

5. Subsidy: 40 yuan / day;

6. Driver's license subsidy: for the field personnel working in Wanxia company, if they obtain the driver's license during the working period, half of their application fee will be subsidized by the company (for those who leave the company for less than three years, the driver's license subsidy fee will be deducted from their leaving salary.)

7. Living allowance: each employee of the factory is entitled to a box of pure milk every day, which can only be drunk in the factory on that day;

8. health medicine box: the company provides basic common medicines for employees to meet the needs of sudden diseases



1. Insurance benefits: on the day of employment, employees purchase accident insurance and five insurances when they become regular employees;

2. Food welfare: including two meals (lunch and dinner);

3. Accommodation welfare: free of charge (including water and electricity fee) provided by the company;

4. Holiday welfare: Holiday welfare + paid leave (statutory leave, funeral leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, annual leave, etc.);

5. House purchase loan: employees who have contributed to the company for three years can apply for a loan from the company when they buy the first house. The company borrows money without interest according to the salary proportion of the employee.

6. Health insurance: employees (production department, technology department) who have worked for one year can enjoy the regular physical examination provided by the company at the beginning of each year;

7. Meet the company's relevant standards and conditions (see the company's system for details), and the company provides employees with Pacific high disease / high medical insurance free of charge;

8. The company organizes collective recreational and sports activities, including outdoor activities, dinners, group building activities, birthday parties, annual meetings, etc

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